Best Gift for your Lesbian BFF

You have lesbian friend in office. She helps you in project work, cares for you and seriously, you have no hiccups discussing your private life with her. She is actually your BFF i.e. best friend forever. Now, what should you gift her on her special occasion? This is the best problem that happens with straight people that what to gift lesbian or gays that doesn’t hurt their feelings.

The best gift you can give her is Lesbian Toys. Your friend will surely love it. Because, you are one guy who seriously understands her feelings.

Lesbian Toys you can consider for your friend are

  • Rodeo H: Rodeo H is similar to underwear with a big hole for dildo attachment in center. It is far more comfortable than straps or buckles as it is not tight, easy to wear and doesn’t cause rashes in skin. In fact, you can go on office wearing this sexy thing and in night have fun with your GF.
  • Exotic Lingerie: If nothing comes in your mind, then you can gift her exotic lingerie. Just give her a gift box of lingerie, oil and a well shaped dildo; it will be an ideal lesbian toy for your GF.
  • Leaf: They are different set of vibrators in shape of leaf. They are silicon built and have a strong vibration sensation. Leaf comes in two version i.e. green (moderate intensity one) and purple (large intensity one). They are batter operated and extremely affordable. Go for these lesbian toys if you are low on budget yet you want to gift her something exclusive.
  • Strap On: Strap on is a loose string with a dildo attached to it. Lesbian people specially use it for intercourse. Your GF even her partner will love this toy.

You may wonder why we are saying about Lesbian toys, when any gift would work for her. You are right to think of it. There is nothing wrong in giving any gift. But, giving Sex toys related with lesbian will show that you accept her as it is and there is no harm in it.

Actually, there is still some section of society that don’t approve of Same Sex. They are rude, harsh and sometimes violent to these people. They do not realize that they do not have a fault in it and it’s completely normal to feel attracted to same sex.

So, gift your lesbian friend something sexy because she wants approval of society.

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